What is Reddcoin

We’ve built a platform
for giving to others.

Reddcoin is a decentralized, blockchain-based cryptocurrency used to tip or send payments for social content; it is a project built for the people.

Currently, Reddcoin is used within easy to use TipBots on Telegram, and soon the Reddcoin API will supports all social platforms, from Reddit to Twitter with Redd-ID.

RDD, the native cryptocurrency coin of Reddcoin, is a utility token mined within our core wallet using a Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV) algorithm, which increases your odds of mining a valid block through your RDD balance.

power of Tipping RDD

The Reddcoin TipBot

Reddcoin has a unique place with telegram chats, in which any user can tip another user Reddcoin Tokens with the TipBot installed.

Using simple commands one can create a Reddcoin address tied to their Telegram account, add Reddcoin to that address, and then sent it to other in various ways.

Make it “Rain” to a group of users, contribute to the core Reddcoin Team, or send a contribution anonymously. We are always adding new features, and you’ll know about them here.

Adoption in the Virtual Gaming World

Reddcoin + MineCraft

More and more our reality and our perception of reality are blurring, video games are allowing us to do so much on the creative front, and this can definitely be seen in a game like MineCraft.

Back in 2018 Reddcoin strived to launch a version of MineCraft with a micro economy running on RDD, and it was a success – NOW we are stepping up the effort and looking relaunch in 2020. Wanna be a part of this, apply below.

staking made easy


If you have always wanted a place to stake Reddcoin outside of your laptop, main computer, or on the web – now you can start staking on a RASPBERRY PI.  It’s easy, affordable, and fun.

A Raspberry Pi is a small form factor computer that runs on the Linux operating system.  This small computer is capable of running the Reddcoin software enabling you to stake RDD.

Use the button below if you are interested in learning more, getting the software, or even purchasing a full kit.  Thanks for your support.

Beginners Section

I’m new to RaspPi Staking

Click Getting Started, for a step-by-step guide for getting the ReddPi Image running on a Raspberry Pi. You will need the following hardware:

  1. a RaspberryPi with at least 1 Gig or RAM
  2. a good and stable power supply
  3. an SD card ( 16 Gig or more )
  4. downloaded ReddPi image file
  5. an SD card reader for flashing the image


Advanced Setup Section

I’m already Running a RaspPi

If you already have a RaspberryPi running then you can use our scripts for installing/updated OR compiling the Reddcoin Core Wallet by yourself.

Coming Soon

Introducing the RDD Web Wallet

Cryptocurrency today needs to be safe, secure, but accessible – Reddcoin is creating ways to be flexible, outside the QT or Electrum Wallets, here is a preview.

  • Accessible directly from any Top Tier Browser: Chrome, Brave, FIrefox, Safari
  • The Reddcoin Web Wallet is 100% Mobile Friendly, responsive for easy use on phones, iPads, and other tablets.
  • Staking Rewards will be active in this wallet as well, and can be tracked with the New and Improved UI /UX interface.
  • Storage and Security of wallets will run on a cluster of redundant servers ensuring 99.9% uptime.
Available Oct 1st, 2020

The Reddcoin Paper Wallet

Offline storage of cryptocurrency can be done in multiple ways, here is version one of the Reddcoin Paper Wallet Solution. ALWAYS put your paper wallet in a safe place!

  • The Reddcoin paper wallet is printed and Offline it is not subject to malwares, keyloggers & computer hacks
  • You won’t lose your coins when your device breaks, gets stolen, or just discontinues to function for whatever reason
  • For Birthdays, Anniversaries, any reason really – its great way to share Reddcoins as a gift
  • The next version will allow you to add your own custom paper design 🙂 Stay Tuned.

The Reddcoin Roadmap

Our team is working hard to make easy to use, fun products, to aid in the use of Reddcoin, but ultimately it’s global adoption.

2020 Q1
  • Previously with Reddcoin.com
2020 Q2
  • New Organization is Formed
  • Setup and Configuration of Infrastructure
2020 Q3
  • New Website Launches
  • Reddcoin Web Wallet Alpha
  • TipBot Performance and Stability
  • RDD Minecraft Alpha
  • Reddcoin Paper Wallet
2020 Q4
  • Reddcoin Web Wallet Beta
  • RDD MineCraft Beta
  • Reddcoin Status Page
  • RDD E-Commerce Store
2021 Q1
  • Reddcoin Web Wallet Release
  • RDD Crypto Cards
  • RDD MineCraft Full Release

Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.