Every Little Coin Matters

A Little Coin Here and There Really Helps Out A lot!

We are made up of a handful of people with various skill sets, each devoting their time to the expansion and adoption of the Reddcoin Project.

Today’s economic view is a crazy rollercoaster of a ride, and uncertainty is high in almost every sector of business, so we understand asking for donations is a touchy subject.

So here is our pledge to you, the Reddhead Community, as well as those who wish to participate in any form of contribution. Transparency will be paramount, we will listen to your ideas and comments in relation to the use of funds, and lastly fundraisers will be fun and rewarding in swag and/or acknowledgement of your contribution to the success of the Reddcoin Project.

Questions or concerns, reach out to us – We Don’t Mind 🙂


Scan this QR code to contribute to our team, or copy and paste this

address:  ReCAugeEBo4FTtimk9Ciui4PSHSbj5gbt8

How we envision using the fund

Spend BreakDown

From development, to marketing, to server costs we are taking the brunt of keeping everything running.  Any help financially is truly appreciated, and with that help we want you to know that your contributions are put to good use!  After we start accumulating funds, a graphs will be created below to show how funds are and will be spent. Thank you.


Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.